Adult Education

The Institute for Labor Studies and Research offers workplace-based, and community-based adult education programming to Rhode Islanders.

Our core service is English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and we offer Adult Basic and Adult Secondary Education classes as well. Our programming is learner-centered, participatory, and taught by an experienced team of dedicated teachers.

Steward Training

Basic Steward Training

Learn the legal rights and responsibilities of union stewards in order to become a more effective advocate for your co-workers. This workshop, designed for both new and experienced stewards, covers topics such as the Duty of Fair Representation, advocacy and Weingarten rights, grievance handling, duty to bargain over unilateral changes in working conditions, and the personal elements of good stewardship.

Advanced Steward Training

This workshop goes into greater depth with respect to Collective Bargaining Agreement contract enforcement. From writing to processing a grievance, beginning at Step One through the arbitration process, the training includes grievance investigation process, preparation of witnesses, amendment procedures for the grievance and remedy, and preparations and conducting the arbitration process, as well as addressing grievances involving competing member interests. This training benefits stewards and union officials who are in any way involved in the grievance process.

Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining Training

Brief Description

The Collective Bargaining Trainig program is designed by the Institute for Labor Studies and Research for individuals with little or no negotiations experience. Participants will be exposed to various terms, concepts, processess and strategies which make up the collective bargaining process.

Leadership for A Future Program

Leadership for A Future

Leadership For A Future provides an opportunity for leaders from diverse groups and backgrounds to forge relationships and networks that will be of benefit to themselves and their organizations throughout their lives. In addition to learning about Rhode Island’s history, culture, economics and politics, and skills such as grass roots organizing, using the media, and public speaking, participants share their experiences and learn from the experiences of others in the group.

Teacher Assistant Certification Training Program

The Teacher Assistant Certification Training Progam, approved by the RI Department of Education, offers the opportunity to become a full-tme, part-time or substitute teacher assistant. This program is delivered by a team of highly-qualified teachers, teacher assistants and healthcare professionals. The program consists of 24 hours of classroom instruction, 3 hours of job shadowing and a ParaPro Assessment. Upon successful completion of the 3 components of the program, participants will be awarded a Teacher’s Assistant Certification. The cost of the training is $295.00.