Leadership For a Future

Leadership For A Future provides an opportunity for leaders from diverse groups and backgrounds to forge relationships and networks that will be of benefit to themselves and their organizations throughout their lives. In addition to learning about Rhode Island’s history, culture, economics and politics, and skills such as grass roots organizing, using the media, and public speaking, participants share their experiences and learn from the experiences of others in the group.

This process creates a powerful, committed, and diverse network of graduates who have taken the time to understand one another. This network is critical and necessary if the shared goals of economic and social justice for all Rhode Islanders is to be achieved.

The program begins with a an over-night retreat, and continues with sessions that are held on Monday’s from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Throughout the program, participants examine the process and impact of social influence and leadership on the many issues facing Rhode Island’s communities while focusing on relationship building, institutional reflection, power analysis and initial studies on a variety of societal topics.
Individually, and as a group, the class implements a strategic analysis and planning process to address individual goals for working in community, religious and/or labor organizations.

LFAF 2013 Classroom

Leadership for A Future training 2013

Typical of LFAF sessions are:

Leadership Retreat
Community Action Project Planning
History of Communities and Labor
Public Speaking for Organizers
Civil Rights Movement with a Focus on Rhode Island
Lobbying for a Change/Using the Media
Rhode Island’s Issues of the Day – Part 1
Rhode Island’s Economy – Past, Present, and Future
Public Education: Leveling  the Playing Field
Rhode Island’s Issues of the Day – Part 2
Project Presentations


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2017 LFAF Brochure

LFAF Frequently Asked Questions

To become a participant, individuals must have experience working in community, labor or religious organizations and must attend 8 of the 9 sessions.
Organizations must nominate individuals, support their participation and accommodate work schedules so individuals can attend all aspects of the program.
Participation in the retreat and the orientation, and the graduation ceremony is mandatory.

Application deadline is January 11, 2017. Space is limited. Apply early.

Call Andrea Gomez at 401-463-9900 or email: agomez@riilsr.org for additional information.